We’ve been hard at work making it easy to search, share and manage your enterprise records from a single, management system — Ripcord Canopy.

Today, we announced new capabilities to our records management platform, Ripcord Canopy.

Canopy 2.0 introduces new features including a batch migration tool, enterprise integrations, and a new dashboard that helps users easily manage their retention policies.

Consolidate Your Document and Record Silos

Ripcord Canopy enables you to manage the full lifecycle of your enterprise records, whether they start life as a physical or digital document.

Bring your analog documents and records online with Ripcord’s robotic scanning. You can easily search, share and content enable your enterprise systems with valuable information that was locked away in a warehouse.

With Ripcord Sync, you can easily send your existing digital content into Ripcord Canopy. We will reprocess it with our optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning capabilities and Canopy will automatically index, categorize and convert your content into searchable PDFs.

There’s no more searching mountains of boxes or digging through network shares and record repositories for valuable information.

You’ll be able to quickly find that needle in the haystack with keyword, boolean and filtered search and maintaining records is a breeze with customizable record retention and disposition policies.

Salesforce Integration

Many of our customers are using Salesforce for case management workflows and need an easy to to populate cases with documents to process.

With Ripcord Canopy, all scanned paper records can be securely transmitted directly into Salesforce to seamlessly slot into existing workflows.

Docusign Integration

To make it easier for users to re-execute contracts with legally binding digital signatures, Ripcord Canopy integrates with Docusign. This integration enables customers to route documents in Ripcord Canopy for re-signature through Docusign and manage document workflow in accordance with company policies.

Customized Dashboard Reporting

Managing retention and disposition policies is a key element of any records management program. Our customized dashboard empowers our customers to easily manage and identify records ready for disposition.

A Few Other Quick Updates From December

  • Custom Enterprise Integrations: There is no one-size fits all integration for enterprise workflows. We have a dedicated engineering team devoted to building tailored enterprise integrations so that Ripcord Canopy fits neatly into any business workflow. This all comes at no added cost to our customers.
  • RecordChain: End-to-end chain of custody. From the moment a record enters a Ripcord facility, its movements through preparation, scanning, and digitization are meticulously tracked and logged. Once in Canopy, all subsequent changes and activity related to a record are logged and visualized on a timeline and given an indelible crypto-signature.
  • Responsive Mobile (Web) Design: Enables customers to access records and manage Ripcord Canopy anywhere, anytime on mobile phones and tablets.