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Robotics Expert Linda Pouliot Joins Ripcord’s Growing Advisory Board

New Addition Propels Future Company Growth for 2019

Ripcord, the world’s first robotic digitization company dedicated to creating a truly paperless world, today announced the addition of Linda Pouliot, CEO and co-founder of Dishcraft Robotics, to its advisory board. She joins a roster that is bursting with innovative talent, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, former NASA CTO Chris Kemp, Oracle co-founder Bruce Scott, and former research scientist at MIT Barmak Heshmat. The addition promises to advance the company’s technical resources by leveraging Pouliot’s sound advice based on her network and experience in the robotics community.

The content management industry is currently in a major crisis. With so much valuable data trapped on paper and in physical archives, finding a needle in a haystack is no longer the apt analogy. Companies need to be able to explore the haystack to find value in their accumulation of data. Realistically that isn’t possible in the vastness of many physical archives. The key to solving this crisis is through automation and Pouliot believes this issue can be tackled with Ripcord’s technology. Ripcord makes data accessible, readable and searchable for the enterprise.

“I’m impressed by Ripcord and what they are doing in the field of robotics. Joining its advisory board is an opportunity to share my insights with a team on the cutting edge of its industry while also being given a front-row view to the exciting work they are doing in robotics,” said Linda Pouliot, CEO and co-founder of Dishcraft Robotics. “The company has not only built a great team, but also an impressive product that optimizes for success. To me, it’s just as much about the team as it is the technology.”

“Linda’s unique experience in robotics combined with her love of team building makes her a perfect addition to the board,” said Alex Fielding, founder, and iCEO, Ripcord. “It’s truly rare to find someone who is so passionate about providing robotic solutions people need. For Linda, it’s always about how people and robotics can work together to advance the industry’s future and improve the way we live and work, and we intend to follow her lead in that respect. She is a great addition to the Ripcord team.”

Linda is CEO and co-founder of Dishcraft Robotics, though she did not start out in robotics. Formerly a painter with a fine arts degree, Linda found herself in the technology sector via manufacturing and operations. She’s served as the director of operations at Gouda Product Development prior to co-founding Neato Robotics Inc. while simultaneously leveraging her operational expertise as their vice president of product management and operations. She has gone on to found several additional robotics companies, has served as an advisor for multiple robotics companies and has no plans to leave the field anytime soon.

Co-founded by former Apple and NASA employees, Ripcord enables companies to digitize paper records using advanced vision-guided robots and connects those records to existing enterprise systems. The company provides an alternative to outdated records management systems that are overly complex, require expensive customization and take years to effectively implement.

The Ripcord board of directors includes Andy Wheeler, a general partner at GV; Jeb Miller, a general manager of Icon Ventures; Wen Hsieh, a partner at KPCB; Peter Hebert, a board observer and co-founder and managing partner of Lux Capital; and Patrick Dennis, Ripcord Chairman, and president and CEO of Aspect Software.

To learn more, please contact sales@ripcord.com for more details or visit ripcord.com.

About Ripcord

Ripcord is transforming the $25 billion records management industry through robots that scan, index and categorize paper records, making them searchable on the cloud and integrated into existing enterprise systems. Ripcord is based in Hayward, Calif. and has raised $65 million from leading investors including Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, Baidu, Lux Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, Steve Wozniak, Legend Star, and Icon Ventures. To learn more about Ripcord: www.ripcord.com and follow the company on Twitter @getripcord.

To learn more about Ripcord visit www.ripcord.com

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