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COVID Testing Lab Scales Successfully with Ripcord

The negative impacts of COVID-19 have been widespread and far-reaching. One of the less frequently considered ramifications of the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has been the tremendous amount of paperwork it has generated. For many organizations, this has meant a significant slowdown in the processing, filing, and generation of business-critical information. In some cases, this has led to negative impacts on customers, including increased wait times and lower quality of service. 

Ripcord solutions have proved a boon to companies newly mired in excess documentation. One client, a leading clinical testing laboratory, engaged Ripcord's services shortly after the global spread of the pandemic. In early 2020, seeing the need for an accurate, reliable COVID-19 test for nursing facility residents and other high-risk populations, the company began offering such testing. But the endeavor quickly generated large quantities of paperwork, which a local document-scanning company soon became unable to effectively handle. The lab turned to Ripcord and is now ably handling the large influx of documentation. 

Below, we discuss the top three ways Ripcord was able to help this client scale at a time of peak demand.

Fast, Reliable Service

Offering accurate COVID-19 testing that gets results to a customer in less than 24 hours is no easy task, and most testing centers still aren't able to provide that service. Yet  97% of the time, this Ripcord client delivers test results in less than a day. That's a percentage that's up nearly 10% in eight months.

"Speed is an important factor for our customers, as it helps them respond quickly and minimize outbreaks in their facilities," a laboratory executive said. "The increased demand in testing naturally led to an increase in documents. Internally, we could not commit additional resources in this area without sacrificing performance to our customers."

The client's local document-scanning company was operating on a highly truncated schedule because of the pandemic, but Ripcord was able to come in right away and scan and digitize, on an ongoing basis, the lab's important documentation. 

Turnkey Solutions

Ripcord takes pride in offering and implementing digital solutions that fit seamlessly into existing client processes, so there's only a small learning curve. The lab client was no exception. Despite launching "right in the middle of Christmas and the New Year," in the words of the lab executive, the digital fix Ripcord implemented for the client to streamline its paperwork flow was implemented "immediately, with very little effort" on the part of the lab. The Ripcord team worked through the holidays to ensure that the client would have its document-digitization needs met by the dawn of 2021.

Because the solution was turnkey, the client was able "to focus more time on our core business, customers and introducing new types of testing to support their needs," the executive said. The lab even plans to launch new tests by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

High-Quality Product 

Though the client's local scanning company tried its best to meet the increasing document digitization and management demands of the lab in the fast-paced, frequently changing business landscape of the COVID-19 era, it wasn't able to maintain a high-quality deliverable. "Our local company was a big help but lacked quality in their imaging," the executive said. 

In contrast, Ripcord's document image quality was consistently high, and when the client's billing company requested a high-quality document scan, Ripcord was able to deliver it quickly and without issue. 

Using Ripcord's solutions has saved "time and resources," the executive said. "This allows us to better focus on our core business." 

Unleash the Power of Your Data with Ripcord

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