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Ripcord Recognized by Deep Analysis in Its Newly Published Innovation Index Report

Ripcord is thrilled to be among some of the world's most innovative companies featured in the Deep Analysis inaugural Innovation Index Report. We love the context in which Alan Pelz-Sharpe and team have written the report, highlighting where they had “shut the front door!” moments while conducting research throughout 2020. (We bet there were plenty of those moments, given the year it’s been!)

The Deep Analysis team took more than 200 briefings in 2020, researching companies of all sizes from multi-billion-dollar mega-vendors to scrappy startups in the tech space. In their search, they uncovered some hidden gems of innovation – some companies that truly epitomize the Innovation Index theme “Reframe, rethink, and reinvent.”

It’s a rarefied company, but Ripcord fits right in, with a heritage that fully embraces the concept of reframing, rethinking, and reinventing the way content is captured, processed, and leveraged across the enterprise.

The Innovation Index highlights that Ripcord “checks all the boxes, combining robotics with cloud software for capture. Ripcord represents a step forward in the capture, archiving, and records management world: its speed in capturing and processing paper documents sets a new benchmark.”

You can access the Ripcord vignette report here.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank the Deep Analysis team for including Ripcord and our customers for their continued inspiration as we “reframe, rethink, and reinvent” what it means to put the data found in your paper and digital documents to work for your business.

At the heart of our innovative approach lies Canopy, Ripcord’s bleeding-edge record management platform. Learn more about Canopy here and discover how to use it to unleash the power of your data today.

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