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Three Ways Modern Data Management Supports Remote Workers

The landscape of work is rapidly evolving, and remote work is steadily becoming the new standard for millions of Americans who once commuted to a physical workplace each day. As these individuals have likely discovered, embracing a work-from-home or remote setup brings with it a myriad of advantages: the elimination of time and money spent on commuting, the end of expenses incurred on dining out for lunch, and the freedom from missing precious moments like the kids' bedtime due to late nights at the office.

Digital Document and Data Management Is the Way Forward

The stay-home mandates that were in effect throughout much of the country during COVID-19 have acted as springboards for the realization by leadership at organizations everywhere that modern, streamlined digital document and data management is the new way forward. 

"With the proliferation of incoming information from multiple channels, it is imperative for organizations to invest in capabilities to capture information at the source," wrote David Roe in an article for CMSWire. "Digitize it as soon as it enters the organization and transform that information into actionable business processes."

The secure digitization of a company's information is paramount to its continued success. Here we delineate the three key characteristics of a robust digital document management system that optimally facilitates remote work.

#1 Weightlessness

One of the biggest upsides of digitizing volumes of paper data is the weight it quite literally lifts from the shoulders of team members. Now, employees no longer have to heft weighty cardboard file boxes home from a central office or worry about getting them shipped to colleagues or transported back when restrictions lift. 

These same employees didn't need to scour through physical files from dozens (best-case scenario) to thousands of paper documents searching for specific pieces of information, wasting hours of company time in the process. Once digitized with Canopy, Ripcord's proprietary cloud-based platform, an employee can call up any information stored in their organization's digitized files with just a sub-second search, saving significant time and money (and potential sciatica). 

#2 Portability

Another benefit of digitization is its ability to move with you. No matter where a company's employees are in the world, as long as they're Wi-Fi-connected and have been granted user access to Canopy, they're able to, edit, rearrange, index, and share an organization's content from any device. The portability of a sleek and agile digital data management system like Canopy can be an enormous help to the workflow. 

Now more than ever before, remote workers are looking to spend more time at home each week with their families. Being able to take work documents from device to device, room to room, and even inside to outside to support better work-life balance can be juggled is a boon that would be virtually impossible with paper documents. 

#3 Security

Whether scanned in by our AI robots or born-digital from the start, documents and other content hosted in Canopy are all securely contained in each entity's own, private, cloud-based instant, making it all far safer than if it were on physical paper or stored in another outmoded storage system. Information kept in Canopy's ultra-secure center is encrypted, rendering it unreadable by potential hackers, and its administrator controls allow account owners to make employee access granularly tailorable and even limitable. 

It's no secret that a significant number of those who went remote when COVID-19 hit the U.S. have continued working from home. This means that a company's information no longer stays within its central office walls. Rather, it lives in the homes and/or coworking spaces of its scattered workforce. If that information remains on paper, it's subject (and potentially available) to the external forces exerted upon that environment: children and other family members, coworkers, pets, and more. Going paperless and moving everything to the cloud circumvents these risks entirely. 

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Ripcord is on a mission to digitize the world. Our proprietary cloud software, Canopy, enables the instantaneous categorization, indexing, search, and retrieval of every part of an organization's scanned documentation. Ripcord saves companies time and money and frees up human employees for more of the work they truly enjoy. Pull the Ripcord and learn how you can unleash the power of your data today. 


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