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How AR Software Helps to Seamlessly Manage Proof of Delivery Documents

Proof of delivery (PoD) documents are important for ensuring businesses and their customers are on the same page regarding delivery details. Generating PoD receipts and keeping track of that data is a crucial responsibility for accounts receivable (AR) departments. 

Do you have the right solution in place to optimize your PoD document management?

Inefficiencies in Traditional Proof of Delivery Processes

Traditionally, companies used paper forms to create proof of delivery receipts. This involved writing in details and signatures, copying the document, processing it manually, and storing physical copies. 

Today, some companies have opted for a digital process that is a major improvement on the paper approach. However, simply switching over to creating PoD receipts digitally doesn’t mean your PoD processes are automatically optimized. 

Consider whether your PoD processes still involve costly and time-consuming tasks like:

  • Manual data entry and double-checking to ensure accuracy
  • Manually matching records to identify possible problems
  • Storing and organizing records manually

Fortunately, there’s a better way to manage PoD documents with fewer manual processes and greater efficiency. 

A Better Solution for Managing PoD Documents

With AR software, you can fully digitize your PoD processes, whether you start with digital files or paper documents. 

If you create PoD receipts manually, the process begins with scanning these receipts in. You may be thinking that’s already what your process looks like—but do you need workers to manually enter the data those scanned documents contain into your accounting program? With Ripcord’s fully digital solution, data extraction happens automatically through artificial intelligence (AI).

If you’re starting with digital documents, your data may be unstructured, meaning you still have to manually enter data from your digital forms into your accounting system. Again, Ripcord can automatically extract that data and process it so it feeds seamlessly into other software solutions you use to automate your AR processes. 

In both cases, automatic data extraction means you can accurately cross-reference documents and carefully organize and store all your PoD documents with almost no manual effort. 

Want to know how your AR process stacks up and how to improve it? Check out  this checklist.

The Importance of Modernized PoD Management

With an efficient document management solution in place, your PoD documentation can optimally serve its role without overburdening your staff. Consider these key benefits:

1. Improve cash flow.

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is paramount for any business. Unfortunately, cash flow has been a challenge for many small businesses, especially in recent years. The average small business is dealing with thousands of dollars in late or unpaid invoices. A 2020 study found that up to three-quarters of businesses didn’t even have enough cash on hand to cover two months of operating expenses, making a steady cash flow crucial.

Fortunately, with a consistent and efficient way of managing PoD documents, you can improve your cash flow by:

2. Keep detailed records.

A digital solution for managing PoD documents also means you can get detailed with your data and keep all this information securely stored and easily accessible. You can include details such as:

  • Date and time of delivery
  • Location of delivery
  • Recipient’s name
  • Photos of delivery
  • Signatures
  • Reasons for a failed delivery
  • Damaged goods
  • Customer comments

If you had to manually move all this information from a paper or electronic form to your software programs or hunt it down in a physical file, you may be tempted to skip the details and only stick to the most essential information. But keeping track of all the details can help you avoid misunderstandings with customers and ensure you have a close eye on your deliveries. Thankfully, with a software solution, keeping track of details is far more doable.

3. Free up accounting staff.

Finally, using AR software to expertly manage PoD documents means your accounting staff will find themselves with more time. They’ll no longer have to spend hours on tedious manual tasks that can be automated through AI. 

This means companies can reduce their reliance on accounting staff or outside vendors. Or it may mean your accounting department now has more time to focus on areas like analytics and projections to help you grow your business. Either way, it’s a win for your business.

Empower Your Finance Team with Automated AR Software

AR software can empower your accounting team and your company as a whole to optimize the way you manage proof of delivery and other AR documents. Want to see how much room for improvement you have in your AR processes? Use our practical checklist, and learn more about how Ripcord’s machine learning technology can take your AR processes to the next level!

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