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Integrated Digital Management Improving Revenue Recognition

Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales & Services (CCBSS) is a subsidiary owned by more than 65 independent Coca-Cola bottlers in the United States. Established to support the operational needs of its bottler owners, as well as bottler-owned production cooperatives, Coca-Cola North America, and other participating beverage partners within the Coca-Cola System, CCBSS has been a unifying force since 2003. Through its Customer Business Solution and Procurement divisions, CCBSS serves as the unified voice of the North American Coca-Cola System, facilitating communication with customers and suppliers. Working in tandem with its partners and stakeholders, CCBSS harnesses the collective size and scale of the Coca-Cola System to optimize value and achieve daily success as a unified entity.

Challenges Addressed

CCBSS faced several challenges in managing the logistics for the movement of recorded content from North American Coca-Cola Bottlers to their production facility. Additionally, the company required a streamlined process for account reconciliation, with proof of delivery documentation being a crucial component of their invoicing process. The need for digitization of records and seamless integration with SAP/OnBase was paramount for efficient billing and operations.

The Solution

Ripcord collaborated with CCBSS on an accounts receivable-focused project, addressing capture, integration, and account reconciliation needs. The project aimed to digitize proof of delivery sales receipts, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. Ripcord's expertise in intelligent document processing enabled them to provide a tailored solution that met CCBSS's specific requirements.

The Benefits

Since the project's inception in 2019, CCBSS has reaped substantial benefits from its partnership with Ripcord. By leveraging Ripcord's innovative solution, Coca-Cola Bottlers achieved substantial annual cost savings, mitigated financial loss, expedited payment processing, and eradicated cumbersome manual procedures.

  • 99.5% Accuracy: Ripcord's solution delivered a remarkable 99.5% accuracy in extracting metadata, ensuring reliable and efficient document processing.
  • Vendor Consolidation: By consolidating document management vendors, CCBSS achieved significant cost savings, totaling $1 million annually. This consolidation streamlined their operations and reduced associated fees, enhancing overall efficiency. 

Back to You

Ripcord's partnership with Coca-Cola has been instrumental in enabling the organization to streamline operations, enhance account reconciliation, and achieve significant cost savings. By digitizing proof of delivery sales receipts and seamlessly integrating them with existing systems, Ripcord has empowered CCBSS to operate more efficiently and effectively. This collaboration showcases Ripcord's commitment to driving innovation and delivering tangible results for its clients in the manufacturing and food and beverage space. 

Interested in learning more about how Ripcord helped Coca-Cola unlock efficiency and revolutionize its document management and logistics? Download the full case study to learn more about how Ripcord is helping enable Coca-Cola Bottlers' Sales & Services to succeed in today's competitive beverage industry.


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