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Ripcord for the Energy Sector

Ripcord provides the Energy sector with a full spectrum solution inclusive of initial capture, storage, and multi-channel retrieval access of files that are both digital natives (email, FTP servers) and paper-based. Ripcord appreciates the complexity teams face in managing engineering, assets, project documentation, machine maintenance, well logs, email archives, indexing, entity extraction, and waste disposal of documents. Ripcord helps Energy companies overcome this complexity with its complete content services platform, CanopyTM. CanopyTM provides data accessibility with multiple views, data export, and API integration capabilities.

How Ripcord is Helping Energy Companies

  • Maximize existing investments and identify new hydrocarbon opportunities

  • Optimize record retention requirements

  • Reduce risk through role-based controls with a modern, cloud-accessible interface

  • Streamline accessibility, management of the content, and data using deep contextual awareness to aid in the improvement of the employee experience and creation of process efficiency

  • Integration services to connect with ERPs, CRMs, and e-Discovery to support improved business process management

Business Challenges We Address

A dynamic business landscape, dispersed workforce focused on enhancing business processes, and productivity while breaking down data silos to achieve stronger business outcomes. Role-based access and intuitive software and a clear understanding of how information is consumed help Ripcord achieve positive outcomes for its customers.

Benefits and Differentiation

  • Greater efficiency
  • Ability to quickly digitize, access, and search content using automated software providing transparency, visibility, and high-quality output enhancing the business content value
  • Laser focus on adding value to your business outcomes

Infusing Innovation

Our Integrated approach can be further enhanced with Ripcord’s Content Services platform, Canopy™, creating a layered software approach enabling new services and microservices, a strong digital native aggregated experience with improved connectivity and business process enablement.

Start making the most of your data today.