For a number of years now, has been celebrating customers and the professionals who help deliver the customer experience the world over.  We at Ripcord are excited to participate this year.   

We’d like to take the opportunity, to thank our customers for placing their trust in us. We recognize that our customers entrust sensitive information to us and we take that responsibility very seriously.  



Ripcord is committed to delivering a great customer experience. Here are a few of the things we are actively building into our company culture to help us do so:

  • Walking in our customers’ shoes.   We are genuinely interested in understanding our customers’ business challenges and how we can improve business outcomes.
  • Our culture is inclusive and embraces differences. We’ve all learned a lot about unconscious bias the past few months.  Ours is a culture that seeks out different ideas and approaches; one of tolerance and inclusivity.  We know inclusive teams make better decisions in less time, and deliver better results
  • We work to develop strong relationships with our customers.  This means regularly engaging our customers.  We celebrate their wins; practice empathy and active listening.  We own our mistakes and take action in a timely manner; responding to business requirements. 
  • We know delivering Customer Experience is a team sport.  We actively develop new ways for our employees to work more closely to create great outcomes for our customers.  We recently shared the NASA story with our organization, you know; the one where JFK asks the janitor what his job is and he replies “I am putting a man on the moon”. We regularly share our customers’ stories with our team and celebrate the efforts our employees take to create great experiences for customers. 

2020 has been a year of challenges, we are pleased to continue to earn our customers’ trust and look forward to continued innovation on their behalf.  We hope you have a great day whether it's being celebrated as a customer, honoring your own customers or furthering your CX professional experience.  Every day is a great day to make a difference in the lives of others.