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Document Management and Workflow Solutions for Legal and HR Records

Growing and expanding your company is generally considered a positive business outcome. But with growth comes the need to scale critical processes, such as data and document management. 

Without the right document management and workflow solutions in place, legacy business processes often struggle to keep pace with the high volume of additional data and documents being consolidated from disparate sources. This introduces inefficiencies, reduces performance visibility, and creates security and compliance risks.

Waste Connections: A Study in How Document Digitization Helps Businesses Grow

Waste Connections, a waste management recycling provider, doubled in size within four years and continued to grow rapidly through multiple acquisitions. This fast expansion introduced both growth-related and integration challenges. 

Combining HR and legal documents from multiple companies and their different ERP and ECM systems created significant access, compliance, and efficiency challenges for Waste Connections. To ensure data and document management issues didn’t negatively impact their business outcomes, company leaders realized they needed to enlist help in taking control of their legal and HR records. 

Waste Connections wanted to continue their growth trend, so they went looking for a document management and workflow solution that would help the company scale safely and efficiently by integrating disparate data sources, streamlining access across teams and locations, and creating seamless, scalable document management processes.

How Ripcord Helped Waste Connections Digitalize and Scale Their Document Management

When Ripcord and Waste Connections partnered on this project, there were several significant document management and workflow problems that needed a solution.

Challenge #1: Offsite Document Storage

Prior to partnering with Ripcord, Waste Connections accessed their legal and HR documentation by sending an employee to physically retrieve it from a secure offsite facility — a process that could often take up to three days. 

Due to the rate at which Waste Connections was growing, the company needed much faster remote access to their new acquisition’s past and current records.

Within three months, Ripcord created a digital twin of the Waste Connections offsite documentation. Using Canopy, Ripcord’s cloud-based record management platform, all of their historic and current records became instantly accessible from anywhere on any device. 

Challenge #2: Lack of Visibility

Prior to working with Ripcord, Waste Connection's HR team had to manually search through employee records that were stored in a variety of formats to gather information at various times throughout an employee’s lifecycle.

This approach was both inefficient and a compliance nightmare. In order to maintain regulatory requirements and streamline data processing, Waste Connections needed to increase visibility into employee records.

Ripcord’s technology digitalized and enriched the company’s employee records into 12 document types. These classifications helped increase search accuracy to 99.5 percent and improve actionable search results.

Challenge #3: Manual Data Consolidation

Because Waste Connections drove their rapid growth via M&A, the HR team was tasked with manually searching for, digitizing, and inputting the data they collected from each new acquisition’s specific software and systems.

This approach was time-consuming and error-prone, so Waste Connections wanted to find a way to automate many of these tasks and integrate the data with their existing systems.

Ripcord consolidated all of the structured and unstructured data into Canopy, Ripcord’s content management software, which enabled an integration with Workday, the Waste Connections HRM system. With all of the data in one centralized repository, Waste Connections had access to complete, accurate, and trustworthy legal and HR data.

Ripcord's Document Management and Workflow Solutions

Ripcord helped Waste Connections scale its HR and legal document management and workflow challenges with four key capabilities.

#1 Rapid Digitization

Ripcord uses robotic workflows to take your documents from paper to digital—fast. We employ sensors and software automation to create a digital twin and rapidly scan at scale. 

#2 AI Extraction and Indexing

Our machine learning algorithms route scanned documents to Canopy, Ripcord’s content management software, for storage, auto-classification, and data extraction. Because the technology is “teachable,” the more information you upload, the smarter the system gets. 

#3 Data Enrichment

Regardless of its original format or source, Ripcord’s AI-driven classification and entity extraction capabilities enrich your data so it is automatically structured to be searchable and actionable. 

#4 Canopy: Instant Data and Document Access

Ripcord’s secure, cloud-based platform, Canopy, gives you easy access to your documents from any location on any device. Canopy stores your data as fully searchable PDFs, which provides highly accurate, sub-second search returns.

Ripcord helped Waste Connections change its legal and HR document management process from a productivity killer to an efficiency-driving business asset. Contact us and let’s talk about what Ripcord can do for you. 


Waste Connections Case Study


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