The founding of a partnership amongst companies is always an excellent way to build trust and develop beneficial relationships. At Ripcord we hold our partners in the highest regard, and fully appreciate the positive outcomes of these connections with industry leaders. That’s why we’re establishing the Ripcord Partner Program, to further strengthen these relationships, and continue to learn from and complement one another.

Our company is rare in that there is literally no other business quite like us in the world. We’re not your typical imaging firm – rather, we offer top quality, at record speed, utilizing machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the very best in document digitization and recognition.

Ripcord is innovative and different, and our service is transformational. By using the latest, advanced robotic technologies, the end product is higher quality, with higher resolution, and more secure, as it leaves less eyes on your records.

This new Partner Program keeps our clients’ interests top of mind, as it allows us to communicate directly with industry influencers and gain insights that will greatly improve the way we all do business. Data collected from our imaging will reveal hidden troves of valuable information that will augment the services you provide to your customers. Essentially we’ll be handing over data that supports predictive analytics, business intelligence, process automation, and optimization initiatives.

Additionally, whenever a customer is in need of expertise in an industry where we are not the expert, we can turn to our partners to provide that extra step. While we consider ourselves specialists in Robotics, Recognition, and Repository, we’re happy to work with partners to offer a more robust and complete solution for clients.

In the next couple of months we will also begin sharing a newsletter with those in the program to highlight case studies, beneficial resources, and blog articles composed by our partners. It launches an ongoing communication channel that we are excited to watch grow and become useful for all those involved.